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Centuria Urban Village Sculpture ?????

Good Day

I have many thoughts and ideas some as an artist i can express easily others as writing or speaking not so easily.

My thought for awhile now is Focused on Centuria Urban Village  the reason is as a fellow Local Artist  Jock Hildebrand’s Scuplture was not put into place.

 It was suppose to help make this Complex a Vocal Point in it’s location.

As it is 2011 and this Sculpture was to be in place in 2009  what happened to it.

The Strata Council  in other words the residents of Centuria Urban Village said don`t need  so get rid it.

It`s worth  175,000 and it was already paid for .

It was offered then to Kelowna City Council free but they City staff said no.

Jock Hildebrand then shopped it around and guess what July 2011  The City of Nelson said cool bring it on down it`s now worth 200,000  and the city of Nelso get`s it free.

So  why is it that the Developer Lake Placid and Kelowna City Council could not force Strata Coucil to live up to the commitment to install this unique Sculpture where it was supposed to be installed.


2 comments on “The Soapbox

  1. Hey Vic, you got a pic of this sculpture? I’m from Nelson. Was just there visiting family in November. I will have to look it up when I’m next there.

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